Introducing Mind Crafted Retreats

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Introducing Mind Crafted Wellness Retreats in Wales and Wellbeing Days

Wellness Retreats In Wales

Hello my name is Magdalena, I’m the creator of Mind Crafted Retreats.  A company focusing on the well-being and the energy of every human being.

This is my story

My mum became unwell, being diagnosed with the two biggest cancers in one year.  

The first was discovered in April 2018 whereby medical professionals discovered a growth on my mum’s face.

This was the first operation my mum had to endure, as well as receiving plastic surgery.

Soon after mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My mind was going crazy and people around me didn’t help. I was even told in many conversations that she would most likely die.

I broke down nothing was working. I cried and cried and went to the doctor, their first reaction was to prescribe me anti-depression medication.

I was shocked as I was alone with 2 kids and when I read all the side effects of this medication I was shocked.

That wasn’t a solution to my issue, so I said no, and I started my discovery.

I knew I needed to stay strong for mum, dad and all my family.

I started studying the human mind and techniques to calm myself and inject positivity into my life.

I left my toxic work environment, took a physical job in Screwfix, and my journey began with my self-development.

I joined a program designed by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher called “Thinking into Results”

It was run by his best consultant Ewa Pietrzak and her team.

I was meeting open-minded people, there were no negative thoughts, and there was no crying.

This was what I needed for personal growth. The best prescription to a healthy life.

Wellness retreats in Wales
Wellness Retreats In Wales
Wellness retreats in Wales

You Deserve Your Time!

Well Mum had her check-up after her operation, and all was good. Her thinking changed, and she became a positive person after using the methods that I taught her,

which she still works on every day.  It’s 2022 and we are all good and well.

Mindset became my best subject. I will continue to study to the end of my life and introduce amazing people to you all.

I became fascinated by natural medicine treatments, techniques I never tried before, Nia dancing,

qigong, electromagnetic acupuncture (without needles}, sounds the list goes on and on.

I was feeling energised, people were asking me where I have this optimism from and making comments “you look different “

This year I decided to create my first Wellness Retreats in Wales program and introduce people to my experiences that have helped me.

I can’t believe people haven’t tried this before. So, I want to introduce this amazingly talented person who lives in Wales – ME and see for yourself.

I had my Wellness Retreats in Wales first retreat, but I want you to find yours.

That is my mission to introduce you to well-being and let you discover your own way to wellness and A balanced life.

I started by testing all the practices on myself and they worked like magic. In the meantime,

I was talking online with people with all types of anxieties, pains, not walking,

not being able to express themselves, having self-image issues, or having been through some kind of trauma and I knew I wasn’t alone.

I can introduce them and you to this amazingly talented team who happens to be in Wales, UK.

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