Are candy treats prohibited out of your weight-reduction plan since you are inclined to have excessive blood sugar and don’t really feel properly after consuming them? There are methods to go about consuming sweets that gained’t wreak havoc in your blood sugar and make you are feeling poorly.

Simply as there are incompatible meals, there are additionally meals which are suitable and work collectively synergistically. Not solely do sure meals digest properly collectively, however their compatibility additionally will increase the bioavailability of their vitamins and mitigates undesirable results they could in any other case have.

Nice examples of this are dates, cinnamon, and nuts.


Dates are categorized beneath the earth component, but their earthy high quality doesn’t create emotions of heaviness or lethargy as a result of their sattvic nature. When a substance is sattvic, it promotes peacefulness, readability, and consciousness.

Dates are additionally excessive in ojas. Ojas, the refined essence of our bodily tissues, pertains to power, immunity, and secure vitality. Substances excessive in ojas are really helpful when somebody wants rejuvenation—maybe after an sickness, postpartum, or if one is aged and in want of a lift.

Despite the fact that dates are severely candy, their glycemic index is just not as excessive as many different meals—round 42. This chart lists the glycemic index of dates together with another frequent meals. 

Nutrient profile: potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, B nutritional vitamins, soluble fiber

The delectableness of dates is various! You will discover out which sort you fancy from this descriptive record.


Cinnamon is well-known for regulating blood sugar. Because it warms and stimulates, it helps digest candy meals. Cinnamon’s potential to manage fats and sugar metabolism makes it an ideal match for dates. With the assistance of cinnamon, these with kind II diabetes or insulin resistance can get pleasure from dates too.

However cinnamon’s superpowers don’t cease there! Cinnamon may also burn toxins, stimulate vitality, decongest, and expectorate. It additionally has an affinity for the immune system as it’s antibacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal.


Typically, once we eat protein and fats with a candy, the protein and fats assist to decelerate the discharge of sugar into the bloodstream and forestall glucose spikes.

Hazelnuts “fall” into the seasonal class for autumn. Their nutrient density, fats, and protein assist hazelnuts nourish the fats tissue, lymph, and blood plasma.

Now, let’s put all of them collectively for a deal with you may be ok with consuming!



*Use a ratio of roughly three hazelnuts to 1 date

  • Dates: Medjool dates are moist, scrumptious and a very good measurement for stuffing.
  • Hazelnuts: Toast the nuts and permit them to chill earlier than stuffing.
  • Cinnamon powder: Use high-quality cinnamon, resembling natural Ceylon cinnamon.
  • Non-obligatory: Coconut flakes 


  1. Stuff every date with three hazelnuts then roll in cinnamon. The dates ought to be moist sufficient that the cinnamon sticks to them simply.
  2. Roll in coconut flakes if desired.