Just returned from a fab break at the Welsh Forest Mountain, Abergavenny. My first retreat. I was working delivering treatments but it honestly didn’t feel like it. This was an experience I am glad I did not miss. Awesome people, fabulous chefs which meant fabulous food. Different classes, yoga, mindfulness, and more, all were awesome. The accommodation and location were absolutely stunning. I would like to thank Magda and the rest of the team for a fab 4 days. Would highly recommend it as you will not be disappointed


Magda is such a beautiful soul and makes you feel welcome and seen every time when in contact with her. Everything she touches is filled with the energy of love. I am so grateful that I met her!
Her unique and beautiful retreat is outstanding in every way and definitely one of a kind!!
She brought together so many beautiful people, outstanding experiences and first-class treatments that everyone could experience whatever they were aiming for and still have their space.
A variety of facilities, experiences, food choices, atmosphere and anything I could think of was there making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Magda I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, love and every effort you put into making this retreat so special! You’re one in the universe!


I couldn’t imagine a more

wonderful time

to spend together. Lovely people, delicious meal, great activities, beautiful place. I loved the sound bath l am happy I was there


Fabulous one-day retreat in a beautiful setting. Lovely group of people and delicious food. Magda and her team were very professional. can’t wait for the next one!


Magda puts her heart and soul into her retreats and they are brimming with care and passion.
Her programmes are unique and full of adventure and exploration. Mind crafted experiences are not to be missed and there is so much to be gained!


my first retreat and couldn’t have had a better outcome from the lovely Magda and her infectious personality to the range of treatments and classes that catered to everyone. we were very well looked after by the team and fed with beautiful food. the group was just the right size and mix of people I think we all learned from each other and connected on a higher level. was an experience will definitely do one again.


Wonderful day! I recommend for everyone get some peace and relax!!! Magda is a gem!


Brilliant experience with beautiful people. I would have no hesitation in recommending this retreat.


When I first went on this retreat I was a bag nervous not knowing what to expect and meeting new people from all walks of life, I’m not a social butterfly and can have a face like a ripped dap when approached 😂. But Magda and her team are amazing humans the treatment the warmth the kindness not one person was ever left alone


Had my first taste of Mind Crafted Retreat today. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I met up with some lovely people. Thank you to Magda, Maris and Gabriela for all their hard work and for making everyone feel so welcome. Look forward to the next one x


I really enjoyed this retreat. I was very nervous about going as I had never been on one before and suffer from anxiety and don’t like to stay away from my home on my own. I was made to feel very welcome especially as I pulled up to see Magda’s beaming smile. The food was lovely and I was well catered for in regard to my nut allergy. The only thing that made me paranoid was the open bowl of snack nuts. That is my issue as I am allergic and understand why they were there. I was able to relax and completely shut off for a couple of days and it is what I needed. I was really anxious about the singing session however this time was different and I really loved it. I really felt I benefited from it this time. There was a nice mix of people and I believe this is due to Magda knowing everyone and it is focused on a personal experience. This is not a money-making exercise. Everyone working gave a part of their heart to the retreat and it really showed through. I am now looking forward to Poland. Thank you to everyone who listened without judgment and offered guidance and support x


I cannot thank Magda enough for the connection we had. I am so very grateful for the most magical weekend connecting with like-minded souls. The views were breathtaking the food was delicious the company was awesome. We cried we laughed and we connected we shared and we felt safe to do so. I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful community and cannot wait until we meet again. This experience has put me back on the path I belong on. The sound healing was mind-blowing the yoga was extremely good. The singing and chanting were on another level. I feel that I have finally come home and connected with some extremely talented selfless beautiful women with the kindest hearts. Bless you, all for a wonderful magical weekend ❤🌹🙏🥰😘🤗😇


Absolutely outstanding, I’m so glad the universe brought this to me, my well-being family, is so inspirational and amazing, words can’t describe how much I love it, Nia with Maris, QI Gong with Laura, sound healing with Gabby, nerve-connect with Louise to name a few of these wonderful souls, and not forgetting Magdalena with her bursting energy and fabulous outlook on life Thank you all x


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